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Get ready to pour some balls! Connect two devices by yourself or with a friend and be amazed by the magic portal that opens between them. Tilt your hand so the balls roll to the top of the screen, and watch them pour right out of your device and into the other! It’s hours of fun, and it’s so simple even your grandma can play.

Pour is open-ended, so how you play with it is up to you. Here are some fun ideas for things you can do if you have two devices.

  • Tap to create ten balls of one color and ten balls of another. Then mix them up, split them between the two devices, and see if you and a friend can sort them out.
  • Hold one device in your hand and prop up another device upside down. Then fling balls out the top of your device and watch them arc on the other before falling back into yours.


Two devices are better than one! But in case you’re suffering a shortage, here are some things you can do with just one device.

  • Fill your device about a third of the way with balls, and then rock your hand back and forth to simulate water. It’s like the ocean in the palm of your hand!
  • Drop in balls at precise locations to create a pattern.
  • See how long you can keep any of the balls from touching the edges of the screen.


Pour has been finely tuned to provide the most enjoyable experience possible.

  • Extremely realistic physics engine simulates both positional and rotational motion.
  • Highly performant graphics engine renders perfectly smooth balls at 60 fps.
  • Play with up to 150 balls on iPad. (You can’t even fit that many on iPhone!)


The source code for Pour is available under the MIT license on GitHub.