Blatch is an arcade style matching game. It features minimalist graphics and soundtrack with simple gameplay mechanics. Blatch is a game for people that like challenging puzzles and have the patience to enjoy them.

There are three difficulty levels in Blatch, so you will always be challenged at a level that is fun for you. Blatch also includes a full tutorial with some additional tips for curious players, as well as eight clever Game Center achievements.

“It plays like a casual game, but really tests one’s ability to strategize and plan ahead.”

— App Advice


In any game of Blatch, you are presented with two groups of blocks. Your goal is to clear the screen of all the blocks by matching blocks of the same color from each group. The blocks you may choose from will be limited, and shifting of the blocks between matches makes for a dynamic game every time. There is a more in-depth tutorial included in the app itself. You can access it by tapping on the button in the lower-left corner of the main menu.