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Polyfactor is a polynomial factoring calculator. It uses the rational roots test to factor polynomials with integer coefficients into as many lower degree polynomials as possible. It offers a variety of features including dragging to position the cursor, momentum scrolling in the input and answer fields, as well as copy and paste. Exponents are displayed using superscript characters instead of the common ^ syntax.



Tap the keys on the pad to add characters to the input field. Tap ^ to access exponents. Enter multiple sequential exponents for extremely high powers. Use parentheses to enter multiple polynomials at once. If the polynomial becomes too long, simply swipe to scroll it. Tap to reposition the cursor or double tap to make a selection. Tap the cursor again or make a selection to bring up the edit menu for cut, copy, and paste. The paste feature has been designed to handle many formats. For example, copying "[3x + 2][12x^2 + 11x + 2]" in another application and pasting it in Polyfactor will result in "(3x+2)(12x²+11x+2)".


To factor what you entered, all you have to do is tap factor. To copy the result, double tap on it.